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Python Walrus Operator

The Walrus operator in Python is pretty straightforward. With it, you can assign a value to a variable and immediately use it. For example:

if (sum := 10+5) > 10:
    print("This should be printed)
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In this example, the variable sum is assigned the value 15 and then we use it to evaluate if 15 > 10. As this is true, we should see the content of the print statement.

Be careful about the parenthesis! If we have something like this:

if sum := 10 + 5 > 10:
    print("Is this going to be printed?")
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We will have the sum is equal to True and the print statement will be executed but the value of sum won't be 15.

You can see an explanation of the Walrus operator and more of this content at my YouTube channel:

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