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The mere act of meeting my 20-year-old self would likely cause a butterfly effect ripple of changes throughout my entire life from that point forward, altering the course of my life and threatening to take away both the good choices and bad that led me to this exact moment where I am, with who I am, doing what I do. To preserve the existence of my children, my relationships, my business, and all of the valuable lessons I've learned since that time, I would not seek to meet my 20-year-old self. Instead, I would focus on the fact that I now have the ability to time travel, and consider the possibility of capturing long-lost information from the past and bringing it forward to the future. For example, creating a solar-powered charging system for a 360 degree camera, and mounting it on a staff. Going to visit the library at Alexandria, and positioning the staff to record information. This would allow for a jump-gap with little or no impact on the past, no effect on my own past, and a positive effect on society moving forward from my origin time.


Well now I have to go watch Primer for the Nth time.

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