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Whats React, and whats so great about it.

The React we hear of, Is actually partly JavaScript. It's a more simplified javascript code(library) for building awesome user interfaces making it very easy to create web applications and manage data. It is regularly updated and maintained by Facebook. I'm going to just share several things I found really helpful in React.

It gives us the option of Splitting our long code into components. Making it easier to transfer and manage data, and store data using state. You can also use more data than you originally would be able to manage thanks to props which get rendered in-between components.

Second thanks to JSX format a little different than the html we know of, makes it easier to put in data, or text in between our components. This ignores all the extra work that html has to offer like writing in Doctype, html, head and so on.

Third Probably my favorite is the fact that, thanks to the components, you can just render one component multiple times easily using a short hand of code.

Another is React Native which I have heard off but never tried yet, but from what I know is that It opens the door to mobile handling, the ability to create mobile applications, running on Android and iOS.

Overall has much more I have yet to learn, but I would recommend it to anyone, since it makes javascript just so much easier.

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