Post Makers - Week 7

davidpaps profile image David Papamichael ・2 min read

Happy Friday everyone!

It's raining, we are stuck inside but for some reason i'm more upbeat than I was last week. I actually managed to get a couple of application rejections, but they were quite personal responses with some feedback - strange that this would make me happy, but it's nice to know someone actually read the applications, and took the time to respond.

2 weeks ago I changed my tactic after speaking to some peers. Before I would basically write a novel of my journey, findings and thoughts of programming, and my CV was 3 pages of every success I have ever achieved! It took a good friend to say "would you read it?" for me to have that penny drop moment.... So now i have a slick 1 page tech CV, which details facts that can then be elaborated on in interviews. I am now in the school of "drop nuggets in the CV you want them to ask you about, and invite you for an interview" kind of thought. Cover letters are now trimmed too, rarely more than 2/3 of a page (before they could be 2+....).

I have been carrying on with the React Covid project, and deep into the world of Chart.js. I just love the data and viewing it in different formats. It's also a very interesting way to spot trends and project what is around the corner for the Covid 19 crisis, but I wont get too deep into that on here, positivity is key!

This weekend I am going to go back over some old JavaScript projects and upgrade them to ES6, the more React i do, the more i see the value of this ES^ over ES5 (which we primarily used at Makers).

Anyway same as always, stay safe and positive!



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