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Some Resources on Mainframes and COBOL

Learning COBOL has been on my bucket list for a number of years now (along with other elder languages). The current pandemic crisis and its stress upon important systems written in COBOL has caused me to take a few more steps in that direction.

In addition to having a soft spot for elder languages I also enjoy curating and compiling information on topics I'm interested in. I've put together two pages - one on mainframes and one on COBOL. I'll expand on both as I learn more.

Would love to hear if you have other resources you think are highly valuable on these topics. :)

Best introductory article I've read on the topic thus far is Bob Reselman's The Beauty of the COBOL Programming Language.

For entertainment value, Jeff Atwood's COBOL: Everywhere and Nowhere is enjoyable both for its original humor and in light of our current circumstances.

Stay safe everyone!

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