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Best Hacks to Help You Improve Your Website Ranking

Every website owner desires to have high traffic on the website. Note that majority of people who search for information trust the sites that appear on the first page. If you search for the website and it appears second or on the third page, then there is something you are not doing. What can you do to enable your site to rank high? Below are hacks you can adopt.

Create Relevant Optimized Content

High quality, relevant content is vital if you want your site to rank on the first page. You should optimize the content by using relevant keywords. Several keywords will maximize the chances of many people coming to your website. Use relevant tools to help you know the right keywords to use.

Regular Update

You do not expect your page to rank high if you only update once per year. Note that no matter how good the content is, you need to keep auditing the content and updating the blog. The search engine will consider the site relevant, making it rank top.

Outbound Links

Have you built links on your website? Ascertain that you create links that direct others to your website from other high quality, relevant sites. Also, create links that direct people to other blogs on your website. Keep on checking if there are broken links and links to some relevant sources.


Optimize Site for Mobile

A high population around the world has a mobile phone. Therefore, if you optimize your site for mobile, it means people can use their phone to see your site's content. However, note that you need to ensure that the headline is attention-grabbing. Only then will curiosity drive many people to your site.

It could be you have tried everything to make your site rank top. Unfortunately, there is no traffic, and you are already giving up. Try to use web crawler tool offers out there to help your site rank top. You will get traffic and earn good revenue.

Encourage Social Media Sharing

Social media is an excellent platform to get traffic. Note that many people have joined social media platforms nowadays. If you were to post revenant content on your posts, then direct them where they can get more of that information, you would enjoy great traffic. Avoid engaging in irrelevant talks since people may never take you seriously.


Are you wondering why your site is not ranking top? You should check the quality of your content and the keywords that you have included. If the content is okay, update it regularly. Use outbound links to get referral traffic. Optimize site for mobile to reach many people. Use social media platforms to direct people to your site.

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