Resolutions to setup issues with Craft on AMPPS

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This is a followup to my post on Introduction to Craft.

Note that this isn't a conclusive list. It is simple me listing down the issues I faced and how I resolved them.

A: Getting Craft working on AMPPS on Mac

  • Create a /developer folder in your home directory.
  • Create a folder in the /developer for your Craft project; e.g. (/my-craft-project)
  • Install Craft in that folder either manually, or via Composer.
  • Open up your terminal and cd to the /web folder of your Craft project and type:
pwd | pbcopy

This command copies the path of the current directory into your clipboard. Note: Don't be alarmed if you don't get any success messages.

  • Navigate to your AMPPS' Alias Manager and click on Add New AMPPS alias manager
  • Paste the path you copied in Step (4) into the Path field. The form should look something like this when filled up: AMPPS add new alias Click on Create Alias
  • To test, make sure that AMPPS is running, then navigate to http://localhost/my-craft-project. You should either see the Craft welcome page, or your Craft's homepage if you've set it.

B: Plugin Store fails to Load

  • Download [cacert.pem](https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem) and move it to the /developer folder in (A). -. In the AMPPS console, click on the PHP's gear icon. Then click on the spanner icon beside it to launch the php.ini.
  • Search for curl.info. You'll see something that looks like this: :curl.info = Replace that line with this:
curl.cainfo = "/Users/<username>/developer/cacert.pem"

Remember to change <username> to the name of your Home directory.

  • Restart your Apache server and reload your webpage


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