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Sustainability at Fabienne Chapot

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We work in a business with a huge imprint on our environment. We feel responsible and want to do better. We believe that as long as there is progress, even the smallest step matters. I don't know Why Women Prefer Fabienne Chapot Clothing

We will keep you updated on all the progress you make on this page. For more information or if you have any questions or suggestions, we only aim for long term relationships with factories that we know of, 20 different through 6 agents. We make them come again and again with a code of conduct (strict requirements to the supplier on how to work) and a purchase commitment (a guarantee that Fabien Chappot will not challenge suppliers to the extent that they offer alternative production Will be forced to use methods.) Is. We have joined BSCI to be able to audit our production locations. These independent audits facilitate us when needed, take steps to improve working conditions at these locations and meet official standards. The next step is also to audit and monitor all other parties involved in making our products, such as sub-producers, fabric mills, dyeing houses, print houses, trim suppliers, etc. In 2018 we signed the Dutch agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textiles. Together we look at the topics we care for, such as work conditions, climate change and animal welfare. We also made a policy on these subjects which can be found in our code of conduct.

Most of our polyester items are made of RPET ’, which are made from recycled PET bottles. RPET fabrics have 70% less energy consumption, 86% less water consumption and 75% less carbon footprint than regular polyester fabrics. For R-PET we collaborate with Waste2Wear, proven experts in the field of recycling. We banned non-animal friendly products such as real fur, angora, mohair, exotic skins and real bottom feathers. Pullovers in our wool / wool blend are woven with yarns free from certified mules. We also use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is less harmful to the soil without the use of chemical fertilizers. We are currently looking at ways to make a more sustainable alternative to using 100% viscose. Our store items that are less harmful to our environment are labeled with green leaves. We want to impact our direct environment. We 46dresses with the foundation, helping women who face challenges in their lives to illuminate their day during difficult times. We support the rental movement, the way we consume fashion. We partner with Spinning Closet, a fashion rental service, to facilitate women who like to wear our items but don't like them.

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