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My top favorite chrome extensions as a web developer 💻

I am currently a junior web dev that focuses mainly on C# and Js and i have a couple of favorite chrome extensions that make my life easier.
You can get all these extensions by visiting chrome web store

  1. JSON Viewer Awesome 👁
    from the name you can understand what this does... and believe me it is awesome. it makes viewing api calls on the web as elegant as it can be, thew viewer is clean and can be turned off for specific websites in the settings.
    Download it here

  2. Pesiticide 🦟
    Have you ever seen a website and wanted to boil down the layout to divs, well pesitcide does that perfectly, i cannot tell you how useful this extension was for me. Any time i wanted to clone a website for fun, pesticide has always been a first choice for me
    Download it here

  3. ColorPick Eyedropper 🎨
    Ever saw a color on a page and wanted to get the color code? then i suggest you give ColorPick a try!. It can get you the color of almost anything on the page, including images!!
    Download it here

  4. Wappalyzer 👓
    I mainly use this extension for pleasing my curiosity, it enables you to view the stack that a certain website implements, then this allows me to know what companies use the technologies im currently invested in and apply to jobs!!. I think this is a must have for every developer
    Download it here

  5. 🛎
    This extension i have been using religiously every day since its release!!. It is basically a one stop shop to view all the latest dev blogs from numerous sources, sounds basic i know but still, i love how it becomes the default page when you open a new tab, so if any blog catches my eye in the moment, i can easily view it.
    10/10 would recommend
    Download it here

  6. Font scanner
    This is the best font finder in my opinion. just click on the text and get the font. very easy, very useful
    Get it here

This is my first post on dev!🚀
--Thanks for listening---

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