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Layout with Flexbox - Codecademy PRO version

TL;DR: I completed a Layout with Flexbox course in Getting More Advanced with Design module on Codecademy. This is a part of the πŸ”— Codecademy Web Development Career Path series.

You can find the video on YouTube below ⬇️

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⏱️ Chapters:
πŸ”— 0:00 Intro
πŸ”— 0:30 What is Flexbox?
πŸ”— 3:50 display: flex
πŸ”— 6:12 inline-flex
πŸ”— 9:42 justify-content
πŸ”— 15:50 align-items
πŸ”— 22:27 flex-grow
πŸ”— 28:16 flex-shrink
πŸ”— 33:36 flex-basis
πŸ”— 39:20 flex
πŸ”— 47:17 flex-wrap
πŸ”— 52:25 Align-content
πŸ”— 59:05 flex-direction
πŸ”— 1:05:28 flex-flow
πŸ”— 1:07:31 Nested Flexboxes
πŸ”— 1:11:51 Review: Flexbox
πŸ”— 1:17:04 Flexbox: To-Do App
πŸ”— 1:23:10 Tea Cozy
πŸ”— 1:25:20 Flexbox Quiz

πŸ“š Materials/References:
πŸ”— Layout with Flexbox cheatsheet

Thanks for reading! I hope you find it useful.

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