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Discussion on: Learning React? Start Small.

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Dave Ceddia Author

How often will a developer find themselves doing this in their job though?

You're right, of course. Once you know it so well that it's boring, you make a snippet so your editor can type it out for you ;)

This particular bit of code is just one example though. The larger suggestion is to learn what all the code in your app does, and how to write it yourself without having to peek at docs or StackOverflow or a tutorial constantly. Sure there will be things that you don't write out often, or you that you forget because you've been automating it for a while, but the underlying understanding is still there. I guess what I'm saying is that "knowing how to type those lines out from memory" is a proxy for understanding what they mean and do.

I'll be real with you for a sec though: you say "I'm willing to do anything to learn how to dev" and you've watched a ton of tutorials. How many things have you built? How many different tiny/small/medium/large things? It takes time and practice to learn development and I'm sorry to say there aren't many shortcuts out there. There are better and worse learning paths of course, but ultimately you've gotta put in the work to walk the chosen path.

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Scott Spence

I understand I have a long way to go still, thank you Dave.

And thanks for the advice, that is something I'll be trying out .