A sneak peek from a backend system architecture guide - feedback request

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You probably know this whole class of queries "What backend architecture should I...?" which always results in the same boring answer:
"it depends".πŸ™ˆ

There are tons of great resources online, and the problem is how to read them all in multiple tabs simultaneously. πŸ™ƒ

My dear friend Tomasz Antas, CTO of Altalogy, is curating "The ultimate comparison of web app backend architectures" in a form a long blog post with lots of charts, infographics, insights and advices.

I'm posting a sneak peek here for two reasons:

1) If there's anything you would change in the illustration below, I'd love to know now
1) Tomasz got fewer followers than me, so I'm posting on his behalf πŸ˜‚

Alt Text

Let me know if such an infographic is clear and informative to you. Thanks! πŸ™

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Yes, it's clear and informative, but incorrect. Monolith is not an architecture, so mentioning its scalability is meaningless.

P.S. and choice of technologies somewhat opinionated.


Hi Sergiy, thanks for your reply!
I agree that the choice of technologies is opinionated, but it's impossible to list all of them, so the goal has been to mention a few popular ones to give one an overview.

By "saying Monolith is not an architecture," do you mean that monolith is when there's no architecture at all? πŸ™ƒ Maybe we should rename it into "approach" then? :)


Take a look at this post. It was inspired by your article, BTW.

Architecture always exists, so there is no point to say "no architecture at all".

That's a really interesting insight - "packaging option". I think we'll reciprocate your inspiration and mention your thoughts in the final draft as well.

However, it would be quite of a challenging task as the whole internet is already flooded with the term "monolithic architecture' :)

Unfortunately yes, this term is widely used. I guess it coined up to describe traditional synchronous architectures like PHP+MySQL/Spring+Hybernate/etc. But now it used to describe every architecture which does not require multiple deployable artifacts and huge DevOps team.

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