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Hi Addy!

I'm curious about your thoughts on Brave Browser with regards to speed / performance improvements.

From my understanding, they're aiming to completely change the advertising model of the web, and their strategy involves blocking tracking scripts and ads. It seems like that's a big part of their speed advantage that they tout, and that blocking those two things are something Google could never do, as it's essential to their core revenue stream.

I still use Chrome because all of my stuff (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) is tied to it, but the few times I've tried Brave, the thing really does seem to fly.

I'm curious about your thoughts on Brave's approach, or about tracking scripts and ads in general.



I often switch between Chrome and Brave on Android and have respect for their work.

Users can't be blamed for trying any solutions that block third-party scripts as they can have a non-zero impact on page load performance. We also see many cases where folks are shipping far too much first-party script and sites need to take responsibility for auditing all of the code (1P, 3P) they're sending down.

Stepping back to the topic of tracking scripts and ads - my personal opinion is we need to explore models for the keeping sites we love monetarily sustainable while ensuring user-experience and user-choice regarding data sharing is respected as much as possible. While I can't comment as much on Google's own strategy here, as a user, I'd be happy if we shifted to sites that loaded fast and were more respectful of our privacy and data-sharing preferences.

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