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Dennis Quesada Cruz
Dennis Quesada Cruz

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WeasyPrint impossible to install via PIP3

These days I was asking for help to deploy an ultra simple Django app, in the end I could not solve any of the paths that some friends suggested, so I decided to install the same OS that I have on the laptop in a virtual machine on the server waiting so that WeasyPrint did not give me problems.
But the sad reality was again I could not install it, pip3 remains freezed although I executed the command with administrative permissions.
This is a new package VM, just install python3-pip and all its dependencies (which are many).
I find it curious that same thing happened to me with the Debian 9 container.
What am I not doing? This already has me very badly the truth, it is something very simple that I have not been able to do. And the last thing I have left is to remove the functionality to my app to be able to export to PDF but that makes no sense. :(
can anybody help me?

I know it's something very basic and absurd but I do not know how to do it, sorry ...

Here is the verbose:

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