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Donna Hogan
Donna Hogan

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Starship LCARS!

For my Sinatra portfolio project, I made an app for the various ficticious intelligence agencies in the Star Trek universe, based on the database they often use, called LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System).

In my little non-canonical version of this world, all the intelligence agencies share information =] But of course, each agent has control over their own record (editing and deleting). This app is devoted to keeping records of all warp-capable vessels, including sub-class, top speeds, and crew complement.

Some small things I’m proud of in this project:

  • I experimented with flash messages! Everywhere!
  • Used conditional formatting in a view so that logged in users don’t see the login and sign up buttons
  • I made a custom 404 page (as a bonus it kept my own morale up as I worked on the app! No more of that “Sinatra doesn’t know this ditty…”
  • Custom favicon
  • consulted with my resident expert for the theme and terminology throughout

And remember: infinite diversity in infinite combinations

Check out the repo on GitHub

Try it out, here Deploying to Heroku is another part that I’m pleased to have accomplished, with the help of another blog post

Or watch the tour

Originally published at on October 12, 2017.

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