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Where should i start from?

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What is your question/issue (provide as much detail as possible)?
Hi Everyone, I love opensource community and tools, but keeping that aside i have no idea where to start or what should i do to become a member of opensource community, same goes with github hacktoberfest

What technologies are you using?
I have been working on deployments for devops projects

What were you expecting to happen?
Just want to be a member of opensource community as an regular contributor

What is actually happening?
I just look around people who are same as me are doing alot out there

What have you already tried/thought about?
I have thought about contributing to some opensource projects but i get stuck, like what should i do..

Please try to avoid very broad "How do I make x" questions, unless you have used Google and there are no tutorials on the subject.

help #hacktoberfest

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