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Wow, I just joined an awesome community!

I am not exactly sure how I stumbled upon this gem of a platform. For my first month of coding there has been countless searches and so much seeking for quality content. While looking for answers to simple questions like; "what is python?". Or "what are good projects to start a portfolio with?".

Stumbling into was like finding that missing semicolon after looking at the same lines of code for a half hour.

Hello world.

Finally a place where the people are actively growing and actually helping others do the same.

Beginners documenting their journey. Experienced programmers, developers, & engineers sharing gold nuggets of wisdom. Then there are the comments. Actual well spoken, appreciative comments, giving insight into what was gleaned from someones passionate article.


I have only been lurking for about 2 weeks and bookmarking a couple articles here and there but I have to say. This place is a GOLD MINE!

Maybe it's just the honeymoon phase but this may be the social network that I actually keep up with.

Thank you everyone here for inspiring me to write an article.


A huge bravo, and thank you to the team for putting together this amazing platform.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone :)

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