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DeChamp on February 23, 2019

I’m all about building communities and friends online. I haven’t always been but this year is a big year for that. The funny thing about “socia... [Read Full]
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I'd like a feedback on my current project. Link - boiling-plains-87481.herokuapp.com


looks great! I like it, very clean. I would suggest that you make it so the task view expands a little wider. Also it would be cool if you add an add button like now, that takes you to another add, and the provide an additional button that lets you go back to the task after submitting (add, add, then view task). Something like that.


Thank you for the kind words and yes, I'll surely implement that functioning soon. Firstly the idea was to have a working project and modifications will be made in the future..

yup! that is what you should do, start and build off of it! Keep it going. looks great. Would you take a look at my site and let me know your thoughts as well? gidgitz.com

With pleasure, I'd like to present my answer in bullets,
● You might want to work on the navigation bar ,on mobile the title and the dropdown sign(I don't know what to call it) don't come in the same row . So try to make them come in the same row so that it doesn't feel a little bit off.
● align the inputs for hex and rgb on the center for mobile
● Use bullets when referencing each site so that the look and feel become better.
● On the page chuck Norris ,the button gets behind the heading, you might want to work on it too.
Overall the page is cool and looks good, I loved the about part though, 10/10 for about page, there are so much tools on your website, will use them one day for sure.

Awesome advice, thank you! I agree on those and will apply


I think the design is classy and things seem pretty functional and clean.

While it's definitely great to have low friction to the functionality, I'd say there should be some kind of explanation on the home page of an app. I couldn't quite figure out what the purpose was at first.


Yeah,I know that. I'm just a little busy at the moment so I could not write documentation. I'll write it soon. Thanks for your feedback,kind sir..


Awesome work. I'd suggest you make the action buttons inline with the title.

You could also show the task description, maybe a few words so someone is not forced to click.


Thanks , I'll use icons and align them with title and I'll apply read more too..


Someone might not be able to edit someone else task


Yes, I'm aware of this thing and To sort this ,the very next thing I'll add to my project is authentication so that only you will be able to see your tasks and the current tasks page will be transferred as the anonymous to show people how this application really works.


You are absolutely right! Social platforms these days is more LIKE hungry than being social.
The tool you created is great.. I loved the idea. Would like to see this kinda tools integrated as well json query.. I liked the design you have


Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I'll see what I can do to add that functionality.


Hey DeChamp if you want to meet some Random Developers 😉 on telegram you can join us here


awesome, I would love to. However, I click the link and then on the page it takes me to, that button doesn't do anything.


Can you please elaborate
The link will directly take you to the group
(If you are already on Telegram)


i didn't realize it was an app lol. I'm on there now.

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