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Discussion on: What are your favourite communities?

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Honestly is my favorite and I have yet to find anything that looks as positive as this site. For example, my post that blew up on here, also was on reddit and hacker news. But yet all the comment on here were positive and helpful. On hacker news and reddit, more than half were negative.

I never understood why people feel the necessity to be negative toward others. looks super promising. I was referred to it via a user. It seems like another positive forum type site and they have some really cool features to show off your work.

I think I'll balance between the two, but I looking forward to seeing what others offer on your comments.

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Maniflames Author • Edited

I totally get you. I am on reddit as well but never really post anything. I'm also a daily lurker on hacker news. Both have their own value but I've never really got to the point where I could or wanted to contribute. Positivity definitely plays a big role. I have a lot if respect for the folks at DEV. Growing a community is hard and keeping one this positive is really noteworthy.

I'll check out indie hackers as well!