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re: JavaScript (vanilla), Ruby, Rails, SQL, PostgreSQL, Sublime Text 3 (I migrated back from VSCode), GitHub, iTerm, Slack, Zoom and DuckDuckGo

nice ! I tried to get in to Ruby and never could find interest in it. I would love to contribute to but I haven't found time to give Ruby another go.


I admit Ruby isn't super popular or super hip lately. It's a solid language used by many companies but it's not "trendy", so to speak.

Sometimes I think how unfortunate it is that one can't contribute knowledge and expertise because they sit on another side of a "language divide" and the we end up rewriting the same thing (here I'm talking about libraries) many times because of this.

ya I try to avoid the trendy train. I use what feels right to me. I never really had time to play with ruby and it's not something i require in my daily life so i just never gave much time to it. I hear it's a great language though.

I'll be super honest here: I picked up Ruby because I worked on a Rails project a few years ago. I was coming from Python and I don't think I would have learned it otherwise, it didn't make much sense to pickup Ruby while being very comfortable with Python. After a few years: I still like Rails (which to me is better than Django, to find a Python analogue) but I'm still not in love with Ruby. Python fits my brain better I guess.

The Ruby community is full of super talented and great developers and Ruby has a way better packaging system (Python is has a famously "complicated relationship" with that aspect).

Python used to be "boring" (in a great way), now that async programming and ML are everywhere it's trendy again but to me the greatest thing about it is how much it gets out of the way to let you accomplish stuff. That's also probably why a lot of Python devs learnt Go, another language with minimal syntax and not many tricks.

It's still my favorite general purpose language.

I guess I ended up talking about Python instead of Ruby :D

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