Why you should face your fears and doubts, as a developer.

DeChamp on January 21, 2019

TL;DR I'm in shock with the response I got from my article 25 years of coding, and I'm just beginning, admitting my fears and how I wa... [Read Full]
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I have been downed many times, because I use English as second language. It's not that poor, though. I earned IELTS 7 band two years ago. It happens that sometimes I do not understand an article or respond into comments in a way that others do not get it, and then the bad things begin. I have gone through imposter syndrome as well. It really hurts, but there is no way other than keep running.


Well the fact that you can speak more than one language is a awesome feat itself! So just let people know that you are speaking a secondary language, so they know. If they give you a bad time, ask them how many language they speak? :P Most of them only speak 1, so maybe it'll make them think twice!


This gave me waves of laughter. Yes, I'll implement your suggestion next time. Cheers!


I already commented on your other post but I am reaching ou here too to say thank you, you gave me a push to write my first post here in dev.to and push my work to github and start committing.
Thank you


That is so great!!!! What is the project so I can check it out?


thanks for sharing :D (I actually did what you suggested lol)... as many people test the same water, well me too. I was kinda dissatisfied with my current state, I dont know specifically what tho.. Reading yours and Ilona's just like pats on my back. So, thanks!


Not sure if you have noticed but you were trending on hacker news as well! Congrats I'm really glad your story helped all of these people 😊


Wow I had no clue! this is awesome. It's crazy to see the difference in responses from one site to the next. It seems a lot of people read it in a entire different light. Thanks for sharing!

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