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F# again - I think I really like this language.

namespace Day3
open System.Text.RegularExpressions

module util =
  // cell contents are a list of ClaimIds
  let grid size = Array2D.create size size []

  let claimRegex = @"#(?<ClaimNum>[0-9]+) @ (?<xCoord>[0-9]+),(?<yCoord>[0-9]+): (?<rows>[0-9]+)x(?<columns>[0-9]+)"

  let fallsInClaim claimX claimY rows columns gridX gridY =
    (gridX >= claimX && gridX < rows + claimX) && (gridY >= claimY && gridY < columns + claimY)

  // Given a claim string and a grid, return a new grid with the claims added
  let claim s g =
    let matches = Regex.Match(s, claimRegex)
    if matches.Success then
      let claimNum = matches.Groups.["ClaimNum"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32
      let claimX = matches.Groups.["xCoord"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32
      let claimY = matches.Groups.["yCoord"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32
      let rows = matches.Groups.["rows"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32
      let columns = matches.Groups.["columns"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32
      Array2D.mapi (fun i j cell -> if fallsInClaim claimX claimY rows columns i j then cell @ [claimNum] else cell) g

  let readClaims fileName =
    System.IO.File.ReadLines(fileName) |> List.ofSeq

  let applyClaims fileName =
    let g = grid 1000
    let claims = readClaims fileName
    List.fold (fun accGrid c -> claim c accGrid) g claims
    |> Seq.cast<int list>

module part1 =
  let execute fileName =
    util.applyClaims fileName
    |> Seq.filter (fun el -> List.length el > 1)
    |> Seq.length

module part2 =
  // check if a given claim has any overlaps
  let noOverlaps claim g =
    g |> Seq.filter (fun cell -> List.contains claim cell) |> Seq.forall (fun cell -> List.length cell = 1)

  let execute fileName =
    let claims = util.readClaims fileName
                |> Seq.map (fun el ->
                  let matches = Regex.Match(el, util.claimRegex)
                  matches.Groups.["ClaimNum"].Value |> System.Convert.ToInt32)
                |> List.ofSeq
    let g = util.applyClaims fileName
    List.fold (fun s el -> if noOverlaps el g then s @ [el] else s) [] claims
    |> printfn "%A"

This is very suboptimal - it repeats a ton of work to solve for part two. It applies all the claims and then checks every cell again for every single claim, grabbing cells with no overlaps anywhere in the grid. I'd like to revisit this and see if I can manipulate claims as a whole as opposed to just leaving "claim breadcrumbs" in each cell.

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