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Discussion on: Overly Functional C++: The Fold

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Ben Lovy Author

Ah, didn't think to try fold<int>(......). I'm also no longer near a compiler, but I'll give both of those options a go later on.

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Mark Boer

You can also add an additional template parameter BinaryOp like this:

template <typename T, typename BinaryOperation>
T fold(std::vector<T> nums, T acc, BinaryOperation op)

See the code. And its also slightly faster since std::function has some overhead.

You can have a look at std::accumulate or std::reduce, they work fairly similar and are part of the STL ;-)

Happy coding

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Ben Lovy Author • Edited on

Ah, thanks! I like that better, I think - good to know about std:: function.

I had come across the STL options but this exercise was specifically to get there myself :)