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Discussion on: Where do I start with writing a web page nowadays?

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Ben Lovy • Edited

WebFlow looks cool, but if you're looking for a more JS-like solution, I recommend Vue. You don't need a whole lot to get started, the HTML/JS/OOP you already know and a single afternoon with the docs should get you up and running. It basically just worked how I expected, and let me forget about the JQuery-style DOM manipulation hell. Especially for a relatively straightforward case, it should just get out of your way and let you write up your webpage. You'll get a nice responsive page for your REST results out of the box by default. It's got an app generation CLI tool that will spit out a working configuration ready to go that isn't too bogged down with cruft.

I used emacs, I'm assuimg vi will suffice. Docker-friendly.

Another option is Svelte, which hits your simplicity requirements but is much younger/less supported. With both, though, you're just writing JS like you expect to.

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Robin Moffatt Author

Excellent, I'll check this out. Thanks.

JQuery-style DOM manipulation hell.

Funnily enough, that was probably my last interaction with JS, several years ago. I'll be glad not to repeat the experience :)

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Ben Lovy

It's come a long way! Hope it helps.