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How to hire a UI/UX designer?

How to hire a UI/UX designer for web application development? How to hire a UI/UX designer? The current electronic and computing infrastructure has increased our accessibility and eased up our work through high-performance mobile applications and web applications. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or a computer everything is supported with tons of applications, so in this tremendously competitive market companies are working to create user experience through high responsiveness, easy workflow, structured and beautiful user interface. Now UI/UX designers are not just in demand for these applications they also required by writers for supportive content creation and relevant infographics.

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This article has good advice on this subject:

First decide on these criteria:
What stage is your product at?
What are your company's goals for this project
What needs to be done and what skills should a future employee have

Always use the interview phase, which includes a test task, to understand the skill level of the designer.

The most popular platforms for finding and hiring UX designers are:
• Dribbble is a platform that allows designers to create portfolios and share their work with the public. But it is also a place for employment and recruitment.
• Behance is a popular social platform for designers and illustrators owned by Adobe, where people from all over the world share their projects, promote their creativity and look for work.
• LinkedIn is a social network for job search. Here, registered designers and many companies and their HR specialists are recruiting.