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Top 12 Best Practices for Web Application Development

Web App Development Best Practices. Every business would love to succeed by creating an excellent online presence. The best way to do this is by finding ways of solving their customer’s problems. Businesses, therefore, start web app development projects with the hope that everything will proceed without malfunction.

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What web app best practices should you have?

Your business should focus on a variety of web application aspects like functionality, performance, accessibility, usability, and security. If you wish to stand out the crowd, the following tips will help you when developing web applications.

Top Web Application Development Practices

You need to be keen if you want to stand out the competitive world. Your website should deliver an optimal user experience.

Web Application Testing

If you are developing a web app, testing is a crucial aspect to examine. You need to test several things in web applications like usability, application security, bug testing and quality assurance, performance and multiple browser compatibility.

Make sure your website loads faster

Would you like to get more organic traffic? Your web applications should then load faster. Nothing is more annoying than using a web application that loads slowly. You will end up leaving it and finding another one. A slow website app makes you lose many potential customers.

To make the site load faster, you can try to compress images, applying content delivery networks, caching, and compressing front-end resources. Ensure that your site does not load more than 3 seconds to get more organic traffic.

Make your website responsive

Improve the accessibility of your web application with a responsive website. Creating a responsive website helps it appear friendly both on computers and mobile phones. Through responsive layout, a business can make the accessibility of a web application better, search engine visibility, and user experience as well.

As you create your site, make sure it is responsive. This helps developers build web applications with one codebase by incorporating CSS3, Javascript, and HTML5. That single code also makes programmers to speed up the maintenance and development of web applications quickly.

Web animations

One of the hottest trends in the web application development field is 3D data representations and animated data visualizations. Using these trends, together with storytelling, has helped many websites get a lot of traffic.

If you would like to improve the user experience of your web applications, tell stories through the use of animations.

Incorporate chatbots in your site

Consumers are continually visiting websites to solve specific problems. Sometime they may need to have a talk with you about particular issues. While providing a contact page is okay, chatbots can help you get more leads.

You should consider having custom chatbots on your web apps, which will help solves the queries of your customers. Chatbots are one of the best trends that act as virtual customer executives.

Follow the latest search guidelines

Google algorithms and other search engines keep changing. They do this to ensure that they deliver the most updated results according to what people search. You need to stay updated on the latest trends.

For example, Google recommends that websites apps should have a maximum speed, be user-friendly, and use relevant keywords. There are many other latest guidelines, and it’s essential to know such information.

Create a progressive web app

Would you like to link the gap between native mobile apps and web applications? You need progressive web apps to do this. Google recommends businesses to boost their conversion by creating a progressive web app.

The latest apps are created with website technologies such as CSS3, Javascript, and HTML5. You can now have personalized user experience by reaching native features of the mobile device.

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