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What is the Best Platform to Build a SaaS Solution

Cloud computing has changed the way different business models are carried out with the influx of businesses embracing it. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model that represents the expansive growth of cloud computing. SaaS is a software model (licensing & delivery) that is hosted centrally and based on a subscription license – it can be accessed with the use of a web browser. The growth of SaaS solutions is estimated to expand with more businesses making use of it.

A lot of business applications like virtualization and management software make use of SaaS as a standard delivery model. Alongside IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and DaaS (Desktop as a Service), it’s a part of the cloud computing nomenclature. SaaS solutions offer on-premise solutions with competitive features.

There are different vendor platforms that a SaaS development company can use to build SaaS solutions. In this article we’ll take a look at what to consider when a web development company in the USA wants to build a SaaS solution, how a SaaS development company can create one, and the best platform to develop one on.

What to Consider When You Want to Build a SaaS Solution

Before you choose a platform or hire dedicated developers to help you build a SaaS solution, there are different factors you need to consider that will help make your decision making easy. In this section, we’ll take a look at these factors and how they affect your overall choice.

Technical and Business Requirements of the Platform

It’s widely known that all frameworks, programming language, tools and platforms have specific problems they solve. This is why it’s essential for a web development company in the USA to find a platform that possesses all the technical and business requirements you need to build your SaaS solution. Therefore some technical stacks and platforms will be suited for your SaaS solution needs depending on your technical and business application. With tested and proven libraries and tools, you can save cost and time while easily upgrading your MVP.

Sustainability of Developing an MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is one of the many methods for building a SaaS solution, and it involves a SaaS development company developing a limited version of your software solution to solve user problems. Once the solution is validated, innovation and further expansion commences. Depending on the approach you select, whether proof of concept or scalable MVP, you’ll have to choose a platform, tools, and stack accordingly.

Language Experience

When you hire dedicated developers, you have to take into consideration their language proficiency and knowledge. If you’re hiring a web development company in USA or building the solution yourself, the same applies. However, if the framework you’re experienced with will affect your solution negatively, you might have to look for a new framework with a good learning curve and more pros. This is why it’s important to hire dedicated developers with a vast and knowledgeable portfolio as it saves your business some stress.


It’s essential to consider how scalable the SaaS solution and the team is. You can easily maintain a SaaS solution with conservative languages that offer safety nets, automated frameworks, integrated environments, and more. On the other hand, other languages require an experienced team despite their scalability features. Your development team should choose a platform that is easily scalable; this makes it easy to scale the solution as time goes by.

How to Build a SaaS Solution

Now that we know the factors to consider when choosing a platform for your SaaS solution, let's check out the essential steps you need to take when you want to build a SaaS solution.

Market Testing

Market testing allows you to know the viability of your solution. The idea for your SaaS solution might be a good one, but there is no guarantee that anyone will pay for it, hence the need for market testing. You can do this by creating a landing page for your website with HTML pages that show the functions of your software and the problems it will solve. You can make use of multiple social media platforms to promote the site. Google Analytics is an excellent way to know the type of visitors your site is getting and their geographic locations.

Defining the Pricing Model

This is the tricky part as you need to be compensated fairly for the value you’re providing to consumers and businesses. The fear of charging too much is one that’s faced by many business owners. However, if you’re confident that your solution is solving a problem for users and it has value, you need to charge a substantial amount. There is also the issue of your solution being stagnant as a result of overcharging. You can make use of some of these options highlighted below:

• User-based Pricing

• Tier-based Pricing

• Flat-rate Pricing

• Feature-based Pricing

• Freemium

While you test the market, you’ll be able to gather the answers to pricing questions which will make it easy for you to figure out your SaaS solution's pricing model. The next thing to consider are the requirements of your solution which will help in the selection of the technology stack, that we noted previously.

Build the SaaS Solution

After selecting the technology stack you want to use and after hiring dedicated developers for your product, the next step is to build the solution. After you’ve built your platform and deployed it successfully, you can now make use of the email list you built during market testing to inform these potential users. You can also make use of social media platforms to market your solution. Tracking the user engagement of your solution after deployment is essential as it will tell you how well your product is doing.

What is the Best Platform to Build a SaaS Solution

The answer to this question is not completely cut and dried since there are many determining factors to consider. The most important thing to understand is that the platform you select depends significantly on what is required technically and business-wise by your SaaS application. There is no best platform since what is necessary for one developer's SaaS platform might not be the same as the next.


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