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Pick one: VS code or Sublime Text

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Code editor is the most required tool for the programming, so we need to pick the best one with wide range of features to enhance the coding experience.

It's really hard to pick one so lets decide together, everyone's opinion matters equally.😇🤝❤️

Happy coding 😇🌍.
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Discussion (25)

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Lukas Marquardt

I love Sublime, as it's fast, flexible, and powerful.
But I must say that VS Code won my heart and made me way more productive. There're way more valuable add-ons, thanks to the larger community.

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Deepak Yadav Author

wohh 🔥🔥, amazing explanation

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Souk Syp.

Same same but different.

redhap profile image

VS Code/Codium. Hands down. Final answer.
I used Sublime for awhile, then switched to Atom, then to VS Code then to Codium.

Although if you have the duckets, then JetBrains makes a pretty awesome IDE.

Scintilla is right out!

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Deepak Yadav Author


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Simon Green

I used vim for over twenty years, but finally converted to VS Code last year. It does nearly everything I want, and is easier to used than vim. For example, if I am writing a Markdown file I can see the visual representation in the same tool. Pylance highlighting is the awesomesauceness that finally convinced me to use VS Code.

The only time I fire up vim these days is if I need to run macros on a file.

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Have you tried this?

deepakydv9315 profile image
Deepak Yadav Author

no, but I will 😇

deepakydv9315 profile image
Deepak Yadav Author

I personally use VS code, by the way your explanation is usefull 🔥

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Jon Randy

Sublime Text - way faster than VS Code, and every bit as customisable

codeystein profile image

VScode, but don't really trust my opinion since I haven't used Sublime, I know there a people with strong opinions with Vim, but I'm learning Vim and I'm kinda liking it so far.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

VS Code cuz it's what has the Vim integration which is what I've been using the past 3 years or so.

raguay profile image
Richard Guay

I use OniVim2 which takes VS code extensions as well (But, not 100% compatible and currently not actively developed, but it’s still good). My second is NeoVim with the LunarVim configuration (very fast and very nice). After that, I sometimes use Sublime Text 3 (last one I licensed) mostly for the Text Pastry extension.

The vim emulation in Sublime and VS code are not that great, in my opinion.

dcblog profile image
David Carr

I used to use ST for everything now I tend of only use it for opening large logs no other program can handle them as well.

The great thing about vscode is the extensions that are the target for most plugin developers, it had just about everything you coulld need.

What's really won me over are the integrated terminal and remote containers.

With remote containers I can connect to a remote server and use it as if it was a local file system, this allows you to go fully remote ie your "localhost" becomes a remote VPS. Or id you need to work on a project over SFTP but has SSH access then you can connect to it with remove container.

You do have to install a lot of extensions to be fully at home with it, I have 49 extentions installed. But once installed you can sync your settings.

Or another benefit is if you use Github you can edit a public repo in vscode in a browser by going to a repo and simply pressing . on your keyboard or even using codespaces all your settings/keybings and themes are sync to match your local installation.

Honestly its a hard combination to beat.

I loved ST but it hasn't been able to keep up with the likes of vscode or for a full blown IDE there's Jetbrains products like PHPStorm.

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Ganesh Prasad

I have been using vim for 10+ years now. It's productive for me, because of the muscle memory, and the fact that i don't need to get my hands off the keyboard.

I would say, using one editor consistently for years makes you more productive than using an IDE with 100 convoluted features that you may not even need.

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Michael Otieno Olang

I think Vscode is the Best code editor, considering on the code environment and also productivity which are majorly boosted by the various extensions

drsensor profile image

GitHub logo helix-editor / helix

A post-modern modal text editor.


Build status


A kakoune / neovim inspired editor, written in Rust.

The editing model is very heavily based on kakoune; during development I found myself agreeing with most of kakoune's design decisions.

For more information, see the website or documentation.

All shortcuts/keymaps can be found in the documentation on the website.



  • Vim-like modal editing
  • Multiple selections
  • Built-in language server support
  • Smart, incremental syntax highlighting and code editing via tree-sitter

It's a terminal-based editor first, but I'd like to explore a custom renderer (similar to emacs) in wgpu or skulpin.

Note: Only certain languages have indentation definitions at the moment. Check runtime/queries/<lang>/ for indents.scm.


Packages are available for various distributions (see Installation docs).

If you would like to build from source:

git clone
cd helix
cargo install --path helix-term
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

This will install the hx binary to $HOME/.cargo/bin and build tree-sitter grammars If you want…

aymxdd profile image

Sublime to edit single random files on my computer and vscode to work on actual projects

gjorgivarelov profile image

VS Code. Now that it runs natively on Apple silicon, without Rosetta.

dreams77 profile image

VS code all the way for sure !

uzair004 profile image
Muhammad Uzair

VsCode for sure, I have used both. even though sublime is lightweight but VsCode is cool

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Mostafa Said

VS code all the way! I like how it makes everything simple and easy. You can code a lot faster than most of code editors and supported by a lot of extensions.

vulcanwm profile image

I haven’t used Sublime so VSCode

manuartero profile image
Manuel Artero Anguita

vsCode for sure!

I'm the one that customizes everything , from shortcuts to snippets.

dilutewater profile image
Rachit Khurana

If I am working on a project then hands down VS Code. Else for single file/ quick editI prefer Atom but its getting discontinued soon 😭. Will switch to sublime for that purpose soon.