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Creating A Remote First Ecosystem(Startup's, Job seekers and Education)

I'm truly passionate about remote work, where it's possible(some jobs you just can't do remotely) I have a significant amount of exposure and experience with the world of startup's. For those familiar the word ecosystem, it is associated with startup's. Although I want to broaden the term ecosystem to include a more well rounded view of ecosystem.

I know there are job boards, websites, social media accounts and newsletters that are only focused on remote work and everything surrounding it. The concept of this post is fairly recent, it came from a conversation just this weekend with a friend of mine on twitter, we were Dm'ing about remote work and I asked 'why isn't there a remote first ecosystem?' The closest I can think of right now is the E-residency program but I'm thinking in terms of being more expansive and even more free flowing like how ecosystems exists in actual cities. Are there remote first Venture Capital firms? Start up incubators?(I know of one, pioneer) there are meet ups and there are remote focused conferences. There are remote banks. This post is food for thought, please leave a comment or two, I would love to engage on this topic.

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