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Hello devs!

It's great to finally be part of the community.

I am a Front End dev from India. Having 8 years of dev exp, I have majorly worked on web UI and front end stuff. Starting my career as full-stack ASP.Net dev and later moving to out-to-out front end dev.

I have worked with various companies, ranging from big Indian firms to startups. Having graduate and post-grad degrees in CE, I can say I am master of all and jack of none. I keep trying my hands on different stuff.

Currently I am mostly working with all the front end stuff with AngularJS. To summarize the languages I am currently working, I work with JavaScript, NodeJS and usual UI stuff.

I also love to automate stuff and make life easier. I want to learn python or get suggestion on which language I should try my hands on for automation stuff.

Hoping nobody is GoT spoiler here. ;)

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