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Small wins matter

Collect the small wins along the way.-onelombard

Boost motivation, productivity, and creativity by celebrating daily progress

Teams must celebrate the small wins. It’s easy to forget there were probably more than a few minor achievements along the way that led to larger ones. We all have been there, caught up in what wasn’t achieved, or focusing on the big “accomplished” picture, eventually forgetting the path to getting there. The satisfaction of incremental progress is perceived as a success; thus, it makes any team motivated for the next goal.

The Power of Small Wins

Teresa Amabile

Celebrating every little step success was termed “Progress Principle” by Teresa Amabile and Steven J. Kramer from Harvard Business School in their study — “The Power of Small Wins.” Its results have revealed how much reaching small wins on a regular basis is crucial for people who work on complex problems. These small achievements encourage a productive work environment in the long run.

Ways to Celebrate the everyday


The leaders of each team should monitor the projects’ progress and know when to stop for celebrating a finished objective, no matter how small it may be. This practice goal is twofold — progress is being tracked, and positive feedback is given.

It’s upon the leaders to make time at group meetings for team members to share their progress, and for the leaders to acknowledge employees’ success. Recognizing a job well done keeps the team encouraged, and in particular, address individuals that find a good word meaningful (over a reward).

Visualizing progress is essential too; it may be a project management application or using a whiteboard at the office, whatever fits the daily usage. Demonstrating what was done up to this moment reflects what was achieved successfully.

Furthermore, leaders should find the right cadence for making a small gesture, whether that be ordering pizzas to the office or gather the team for a drink.

Pure happiness

In the appropriate time frame, it will achieve high motivation and create anticipation for the next time.

The takeaway

Any progress, even the minor one, is what makes a great day at work. By taking steps to recognize these small wins, teams can benefit from the power of real motivation, which sparks innovative ideas and significant breakthroughs.

PS: A simple habit for getting you started is the “two- minutes rule,” as mentioned in David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done. If it takes less than two minutes, do it right away and then cross it off your list. No matter how minor it is — you’ll surely feel great (and relieved) immediately.

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