They said I should introduce myself.

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I stumbled across dev.to through twitter. It seems like an interesting community so I decided to introduce myself to it.

I went to UNCC undergrad (comp sci) and grad (IT and infosec). After college I worked 6 years at the USPS as a Java developer and then later a solutions architect. After that I worked as a senior systems analyst for lowes.com. Currently I am a technology architect, who still gets his hands dirty in the code. The last 3 years I have transitioned to PHP, specifically the laravel framework.

I have over 11 years experience in development and systems integration. I've worked in Java, .net (c# and vb), dabbled in rails, and worked in PHP laravel. Most of my experience has been in web applications and web services. I have primarily done back end development but I have also worked with jQuery and Bootstrap on the front end.

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