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Dell Ward on January 17, 2018

I'm a recent computer science grad currently learning React and building decent a portfolio hasn't been easy. I really wanna get my hands on a re... [Read Full]
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The Firefox dev tools would be a fun one to work on. It's written in React. Check out docs.firefox-dev.tools. There's also the Brave browser's desktop browser whose UI is written in React as well. It's one of my resolutions to submit a PR to that repo. Both repos have beginner issues. If you need help with your first PR, let me know.


Nick, Thank you! Gonna follow your lead


Try Nodejs! Here is their PR Guide, it shows how to submit a PR step by step.

My first PR was with Node.js early 2017. I followed the steps in nodetodo.org/ to set up my environment. Then I asked for a first issue from @NodeTodo on twitter. It was an awesome experience because everyone was very helpful.

I remember I couldn't get my build test to pass to start the PR. Several Nodejs members spent several days, helping me fix the issue.

Also when I submitted my solution, they gave me constructive feedback on how I could improve my answer.

If you decide to do a PR for Nodejs or you need help understanding how do submit the PR or work with Github/git, don't hesitate to ask me questions!


Thanks man! I'm gonna go for it


I'd say up-for-grabs.net is a good starting point, they list lots of open source projects with open issues, I'm sure you'll find some project ideas there


This looks good. Thanks!


I guess the popularity of these projects overwhelms me. But I'm gonna give it shot! Thanks guys @Nick Taylor and @Maurice Hayward

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