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Unity On M1 Mac

Unity is available on MacOS, but the question still sits in the back of your mind: "how will it perform/install on an M1?".

tldr; pretty well, but with one hiccup along the way.

Today's post is going to be a quick fix for:

Install failed: Validation Failed
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building on a few open threads on the official game forums,

In my experience installing this software, using administrative mode did not resolve my issue. Some quick guesses can solve our issue, after trying a few defaults:

  • re-installing unity hub.
  • sudo.
  • restarting laptop.

I decided to try a manual installation of the Unity Files. This worked. Quickly:

  • Visit Unity Archive.
  • Find the Version you want.
  • Download that Version to your computer (I would suggest creating a /UnityEditor/ Dir in a designated workspace).
  • Open Unity Hub.
  • Go To Installs.
  • Top Right Select Locate.
  • Find the manually downloaded Version.
  • Select that Version.
  • And now you will be able to launch that Version of Unity From Unity Hub.

I expect that through feedback these issues will be fixed over time. But I know that fixing random issues can be non-fun so hopefully this helps out anyone who encounters the same or a similar problem.

Have a great day :)

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