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Do you want to learn web dev and don't know where to start?

Prepare yourself mentally

Make sure you are ready mentally and prepared to be persistent and consistent in your learning.

Start with the basics

HTML for the structure and CSS to style the website. Learn these two and build a couple of projects with them, and when you have a good grip on them, learn JavaScript to make an interactive website.

Join #100daysofcodechallenge

It will help you with consistency by coding every day for 100 days straight. Do not forget to tweet about it and share your experience with the community.

Join Dev Communities

Join and learn along with new developers who have the same interest. The community would be helpful when you are stuck on a problem and can not figure it out.

Next, Learn a library or framework

Bootstrap for CSS or any equivalent library.
ReactJS or VueJs for JavaScript, one of them will do.

After this, you are pretty much a front-end developer and ready to learn back-end.


Do deliberate practice, build a lot of projects and share them with the community and get feedback. You don’t know when or where your next client would be.

Free Resources


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Youtube Channels


Programming with Mosh

Traversy Media



Geeks for geeks


Codecademy basic course is free.

Mozilla Docs


Javascript Info

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