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Make Money as a Bug Bounty Hunter on these 9 Platforms

Do you want to build your career as a Website Penetration tester and get paid to test and secure websites? There are a number of online bug bounty platforms that you can join as a member and participate.
Most of these platforms offer opportunities to join bug bounty programs hosted by popular brands in the world. You can participate and get paid to find vulnerability in their websites and applications.
Some security researchers have turned this into a full-time money earning source. To test websites for security, you will need some resources and trainings that can give you in-depth knowledge of SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Buffer over flow attacks.
Here are some of the best Bug Bounty platforms you can join right now:

  • Probably the world's largest ethical hacking community. They host bug bounty programs from renowned brands and companies.
  • They also host many public programs but you might get invites to exclusive private programs if you're really good.
  • They have a tight selection process that only a few can clear. Make sure you know your stuff before applying.
  • You can be a part of their elite "SafeHats Tiger Team" and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • One of the largest Pen testing communities in Europe. They cover Web, Network and IoT pen testing.
  • You can apply to be a part of their red team and work on private programs that pay really well.
  • Security researchers are rewarded depending on their experience and expertise level. Vulnerabilities with high impact pay more.
  • For each vulnerability report you will earn points. Those points can be converted into cash.
  • You earn points based on your experience on the platform. As you progress you get higher payouts.

More information about these platforms and payment details can be found in the Source Guide.
Best of luck!

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