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Den McHenry
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Eternal Recurrence

Sometimes you start a new thing and fumble something silly and want to hide under a rock. But trying to hide under a rock would make you look even sillier, and soon you can laugh at your mistakes and take pride in learning from them.

Sometimes you spend a quarter century noodling with the web and then, just like that, you go blank writing an at-rule you’ve written countless times before, like @font-face. You put a URL directly after the src attribute without passing it as an argument to the url() function.

You fool. You absolute rube.

You look it up, hate yourself, and are very, very glad that no one is watching.

You’re so paranoid you lift the rock to see if anyone’s there.

Or you try to write a media query by typing @media-query instead of @media, and then you want to fall off a cliff into an endless void and fade into the fabric of the universe, forgetting yourself and every mistake you’ve ever made.

You want to become like water and seep into the earth or evaporate into the air, drift off into the clouds, rain down on the remotest spot on the planet, never be seen again, and just rest undisturbed, unknown, unable to disappoint yourself or anyone else ever again till the sun swallows this rock and the rest of the solar system and finally burns out.

But then you get over it and live to code another day. And to fail again in the same inconceivable ways. Even when you’re supposed to be an experienced professional.

Especially then.

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