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LaraBug — A Laravel Exception Tool Helper

When creating and developing websites it is most common that your users do not always report bugs, certainly if you do not solve these errors you will lose (potential) customers.

This is were LaraBug comes in, I created this tool in 2016 to basically scratch my own itch. I needed a clear and clean tool to read my errors on, I had to know what was going on when something went wrong. (Whoops, something went wrong 😰)

LaraBug will catch any exception generated in your application and collect this in a nicely formed dashboard for you.

You have a complete overview over your exceptions per project. You can view the complete details about the exception including the stack trace and code piece with the actual line highlighted so you know where the code broke.

If available, LaraBug’s package will also send along the user details (with Sentinel support!) so you know who’s it about.

Sharing exceptions to solve with teammates or colleague’s is also no problem, just make your exception ‘Public’ inside the options tab in LaraBug which will allow URL sharing of your exception.

Nova Tool Package
We also provide a LaraBug package for the newly-released Laravel Nova panel! This allows you to view your errors from your Laravel Nova panel.

Website LaraBug:

Thats it! Let me know if it helped you and if I can improve in any way.

Note: please bare in mind that I am a Dutch developer, English is not my native language so this article could contain any grammatical errors.

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