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A Quick Note About My Posts

Tim Myers
Sometimes when I’m alone in my room I write software... it’s for fun. I’m a father but I’m not like all up in your face about it. | 🤘 Metal 🤘| Pro-Am Chef
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Hi, I just wanted to leave a quick note about my posts. I'm not an expert, I never claimed to be. Like a lot of you the code that I write is a culmination of me struggling through to find the best solution I can.

I might say stuff that's incorrect, but it's correct in my mind at the time that I wrote it. Feel free to tell me that I'm wrong, (in a constructive manner).

For me these posts are a way for me to check my understanding. If I write it out I can cement it better in my own head and if someone tells me that something I wrote is incorrect then I tend to learn better that way.

So don't be shy. Let me know.

Thanks for reading and that's all y'all.

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Andrew Baisden

Great I can't wait to read more of your posts.