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Discussion on: Geo Crash Course

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Rémi Desgrange

I'll talk about my experience but I think it's biased. I think that for most geospatial stuff postgis is the tool. You benefits from all the awesome postgresql ecosystem + geospatial. Since postgresql is a "industry standard" (this is not my word but Paul Ramsey' ) you also have a lot of ressource on the web and a lot answer on stack overflow.

With Mongodb you'll be on you're own and you'll need to implement everything on the app, in this case, turf.js can help).

With Postgis, you have everything you need (did I say I was biased ? :-)) for exemple with this query you can select data directly in geojson:

SELECT st_asgeojson(the_geom) FROM my_geom_table;
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James Turner

While I don't know if it is remotely the same level of functionality as Postgis, MongoDB does have built-in geospatial support.