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Nevertheless, Desi Coded

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I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

I missed it. I started coding in grade 4, but mostly abandoned it over the years for other passions (and, of course, stigma that girls don't tech.) I also wanted to feel more confident and capable in my job as a QA Analyst, and also because I love learning.

I deserve credit for...

Getting involved in tech/dev communities, applying for and attending events, identifying myself as an engineer, and committing to and completing code courses.

I hope to see my tech community...

Take the lead in allyship for women and other marginalized groups. Inspired by this tweet:

I hope to continue seeing men stand up as allies when they see this sort of behavior toward women. Seeing others stand up this way empowers and teaches me how I can use my privilege to better advocate and ally for other marginalized groups as well and feel less scared.

(Does this sound like you? April shares some tips too!)

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