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Link Shortener (Multi-User) - Firebase and React [9.5 hours youtube series]

Hello everyone,
I just finished up recording an entire series in which we build a Link Shortener application from absolute scratch! and by that I mean, it will be the first time for me as well.
We are going to. start with designs that I prepared in Figma and we will code it together, it includes the entire journey of starting with an idea/ design and building an actual product out it.

We'll build a full-stack Link Shortener App, similar to & Rebrandly (obviously it won't have all the features which they provide.)
In this application,
anyone can signup(email and password) and shorten long URLs, each link has a 'Total Clicks' counter which will be auto-incremented whenever anyone visits the shortened link.

This entire series includes, planning, structuring, data modelling and creating a roadmap of a product.

Check out the live version -

More Info -

Series Playlist -

Frontend - React

Backend - Firebase (Authentication, Firestore database, Cloud functions and Hosting)

Bonus: We will also write security rules from scratch.

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