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Daniel Sellers

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Jumping on the AMA bandwagon

Today I am at React Rally in SLC and after a particularly inspiring talk by Preethi Kasireddy I created an Ask Me Anything on github.

It feels a little bit ego-centric... but I am hoping that I can build this out with the questions that I am often asked so that people can have a resource to learn from my mistakes. And hopefully so that people new to the industry have an easy way to ask questions and get answers.

So please ask anything, by opening an issue there, and I’ll answer them there in the readme. If a question deserves more space I’ll answer here and put a link there.

Ohhh right... you can find a link there permanently in the navigation above.

"Wait?!" you say, "What navigation?"

Click on the designfrontier up there. It expands into navigation. Yes I know that isn’t very discoverable. That is on purpose. I really should write about the design experiment that this site is. Maybe soon. Or someone could ask in the AMA :-)

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