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How to design a trello board: Boilerplate

👋 Hi there,
For developers, Trello is a very useful tool. There are many different ways to use Trello depending on the project's need. I have a general template that I use almost in all of my projects. I would be more than happy, if that helps one from the community.

Trello Board

Here are the main components;

📜 Product Backlogs: Product backlogs contains all the features that have to be implemented. You can use different tags to identify things like which team would be responsible, priority and so on.

📃 Current Sprint: In this section, you can place all the features that you will implement in this sprint.

🟠 In Progress: On going tasks go here.

🏁 Done: Completed tasks go here.

⚠️ Bugs / Improvements: Bug / Improvement records go here.

💬 Discussion Topics: For the following team meeting, discussion topics could be listed here. You can tick out as you finish discussing. Also you can take notes under comment section for future reference.

📝 Research Topics: Often time, we need to do some research for the project. We can save those information for future reference.

Here is the link to the public board, if that would help anyone.

You can also have a look at the post: Planning for a Project: Boilerplate, which might help you to plan for a project.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. Feel free to share your view. Have a great day 👋

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