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Multiprocessing in Python (Part 1)

hmm well i htnk you need to add some more details about multi...

Remove Duplicates From Array

good one

Symfony Unit Testing

sooo basically test, unittests are for some features that are...

Database Normalization with SQL

Interesting stuff, takes me back to collage. I would've adde...

How do you deal with estimates?

I was usibg the idea of presuming hiw much time a task needs ...

How do you deal with estimates?

One of best responses i read. Also quite informative. Thank y...

How do you deal with estimates?

That isn't possible in small companies or big ones where pm w...

5 Best practices for ReactJs

Break Large components into small components or Reusable comp...

Understanding React Components

Nice 1 minute read

Multiple GitHub accounts on one laptop

okay. You could've explained it better but... So what you're ...

Learn how to write SQL recursive CTE in 5 steps

this one is quite interesting. But its not PL SQL, is it?

3 tips from "Atomic habits" that helped me on my journey to becoming a full-stack dev at Microsoft

Whatever works for ya.

Getting Started with Docker & Fast API ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

wait... wait.. aren't images different servers, development s...

There Will Always Be Moreย Work

Exactly. Do the best you can and if you really want to finish...

5 Reasons to use Django, the Python web framework

you can use DRY in any programing language. now as speed.......

Introduction to Microservice Architecture

A note: in the present there are software (application) micro...

How to Get Better at Coding Without Really Trying

You know your title has no srnse regarding the article. I mea...

Why your time estimations don't work and how to get better at estimation

This is exactly true.

Why your website should work without JavaScript.

Well basically you could do enough with css, but i hope you l...

The laws of TDD

Nice read. 10x

Newbie's Cheatsheet: Commonly used verbs for naming functions, methods and variables

Simple idea in naming: Name your variables based on what info...

3 attributes your images must have!

Add also width and height so that your images don't become li...

Database Naming Standards

Sorry about this but, from this i see that the problem us mor...

Database Naming Standards

Srry to be a pain, but the part with the primary key nit bein...

Intro to Google Chrome DevTools

Yeah, sorry.. this need to be done in a video, or with a lot ...

Prototypes in JavaScript

Aww, okay. Was expecting you to console log it out. I get it...

Prototypes in JavaScript

Why d you put this? Student.prototype.isTalkative = true; I ...

I just published my new side project

What is it meant to do?

25 must-have softwares for a new install

Nice list. Thank you!

The Westworld's/BlackMirror's Gadgets and how they can be made? ๐Ÿง๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

A lot of linux in there. And honestly linux i d use

Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

From what i heard, laravel wants to be a easier/simpler versi...

PostgreSQL cheat sheet for beginners

Sooo, you can create types? Like in oracle? Cool !!!

The Code Review Guide

I give you q unicorn for this. Good stuff, thank you

4 Must-Have Tools for Developing on Windows

I ll test that powerline, thank youuu

Goodbye comments, welcome Webmentions ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

This sound great, but i still need a example site, because i ...

Ignore Console.log() From Now On!

I ve been looking For this

Getting Your First Software Job Without Professional Experience

Apply until You get accepted. Also learn from the interviews....

Reflection in PHP

Interesting stuff

Practical Functional Programming in JavaScript - Error Handling

Question about the try catch. Should you use it only when you...

How to Automate Tasks Estimation in JIRA

What do you do if there are unforseen problems that maje the ...

I started a digital garden and so should you

Soo.. you re using ML ?

Becoming a Freelancer

Also start a blog, show activity on linkedin and other social...

Learning to program well instead of just learning new skills

Sadly, all that i know is.. you learn on the job and reading ...

Project: COVID 19. ๐Ÿ˜ท

Get in contact with sone medical doctors

Writing Functions (Uncle Bob's principles)

You should go deeper and continue this article using a example

Stop Using Fixed Headers and Start Using Sticky Ones

Sooo sticky will let it hold the space in the dom, soi i won ...

Big-O For The Non-CS Degree - Part 1

Usefull article. Thank you, sir ๐Ÿ™‡

How to use the ?. operator in Javascript

This.. this can becone usefull, tanks

1 SQL Query You Should Stop Using

Interesting.. thank you

I Created A New Way To Make Your Site Faster

Pagespeed gives you some info about what is refucing your sit...

HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

You need to first specialize on a technology, then you add ne...

HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

I think we re going in a wrong direction, i mean.. from my po...

Web Monetization in Vue App using plugin

Soo, what does this webmonetizstion do, actually?

Is Commenting Code that necessary?

Oh yeah, the comments. Listen, comments are useful if you ex...

How many requests can the 4-cores server that run PHP app take at the same time?

I don t see it as an interview question, cuz i doubt there is...

Web Design Basics

Good one

How to write a different PHP?

The single question that i have, cuz i m lazy at the moment, ...

15 Fun APIs For Your Next Project

Cool stuff

Should devs code in their free time?

In my opinion,your free time is your free time. You should ca...

11 NPM Commands Every Node Developer Should Know.

Could you write another one of these, but were you add a shor...

I Created A New Way To Make Your Site Faster

Interesting idea, but in non enterprise sites people test the...

How to destructure objects in Javascript โ€” beginnerโ€™s guide

Is Const {var1, var2, varX} = object A 2015 feature?