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VSCode Shortcuts✂️ - Toggle Terminal: Redefined

I always hated the shortcut that VSCode gives you to toggle your integrated terminal:

ctrl + `
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Feels uncomfortable on the left hand. I have found myself moving my hands away many times from the home row keys. And even worse: Looking down at the keyboard to make sure I don't miss any of these keys (ctrl + `).

Home row keys
Left hand: A, S, D
Right hand: J, K, L

The integrated terminal happen to be one of the most useful tools that and Text Editor for programming can offer. It's an essential need.

So, instead of using such uncomfortable shortcut that clutters your fingers to toggle your terminal you'd better consider using from now on:

cmd + j

It gives me such a pleasure to toggle my integrated terminal with this shortcut. It just feels natural. Like a breeze.
The way it should be considering that it's probably an day-to-day-every-five-minute shortcut that you'd use.

Note that this shortcut (cmd + j) isn't covered by the VSCode documentation (at least I couldn't find it), neither appears in the View dropdown menu in your VSCode.

Well... Hope that this little shortcut helps you in your day to day development life.

Do you have any cool shortcuts you want to share with me? Drop out your shortcuts on Twitter! @dev_astador

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