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*Mistakes most newbie developers make.*

Hi all. Today, I am here to talk about a most discussed topic in developer world. Mistakes you should avoid while coding for the first time. I've been coding for around 2 years and I learned a lot of things during these time. Let's take a look into those things in detail.

1. Trying to learn too much things at once.

This is not a good method to follow. I've seen many people on different social media platforms with this problem. For example, they try to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at once and they will get stuck. From then onwards, they always believe that coding is hard. Actually, it is not! Most of the people believe that C++ is the most difficult programming language, but I learned C++ by dedicating 7 months of consistent practice.

2. Not having right amount of fundamental knowledge.

If we are building a house, what is the most important part of that process? Building a good basement. Right? That is also the case of programming. We cannot build bigger programming skills if we don't have a strong base. But this can be time consuming when we switch from one language to another. For example, if you learn programming concepts like loop, variable, array, function, pointer, etc. using C language. Then you don't have to re-learn it in every language. Just take a look into the syntax, and then boom! You're ready to take next in that language. This is a proven method by me😁. Because, I learnt Python, JavaScript, and C++. My first language was Python(like all other newbie devs) and then I moved to C++. The thing is, I learnt all these concept once again from the beginning in both languages. That took a lot of time. But when I moved to JavaScript, I just looked into the syntax and then started coding. That was super easy and less time consuming.

3. Programming is not about Programming

If you started with a programming language, at least some of you will think that programming is all about wearing a hoodie and sitting in front of a dark themed editor with some small green letters in the editor. Actually, it is a "film myth". In films, we always see this but in real life, things didn't work that way. Programming is a lot more than just writing code. If you are a Frontend Developer, first you need to roughly draw a prototype of your website in a piece of paper. Then you should think different ways to make it. Many senior developers told that 'first thinking and then coding' is way much better than 'first coding then thinking'. You should read many article about programming, you should go through other's code, and so on.

4. Waiting for the right time to get started

For this topic, the best example is always me πŸ˜‚. I always waited for the right time to try something new. Later, I realized that there is no such thing as right time. You should make a moment the right time. Don't waste time thinking too much things. Just start and everything is going to be alright. Some people says that they don't have a nice laptop to code, and so many excuses like that. But believe me or not, I started coding in mobile phone. I searched for different ways to learn coding without much expense. You don't have to attend a $10,000 bootcamp if your family cannot afford that much amount of money. There are a ton of resources out there in YouTube and other social media platforms.

From these things, get ready to be a "pro"grammer and make yourself better and better everyday by consistent practice and determination.

Happy Coding!

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Damian Cyrus

first thinking and then coding

I remember the times where it was: "Did you read the documentation first?"

Thank you for letting me remember it πŸ˜‚

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Noel V Abraham

It was the situation of me before a year πŸ˜‚

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Eiyad Z.

This is so true.
Thanks for sharing!

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Noel V Abraham

It's my pleasure ☺.