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Introducing Brand-New Connectivity Features in dbForge Tools for MySQL

Devart, a Czech software vendor of database tools and data connectivity solutions, has released upgraded versions of dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL, dbForge Data Generator for MySQL and dbForge Documenter for MySQL. The enhanced tools support the latest MySQL Server, v8.0, and MariaDB, v10.3. What’s more, they now offer the ability to connect to Tencent Cloud, a relational database cloud service.

Here’s a closer look at the most noteworthy improvements implemented in updated dbForge tools for MySQL:
1) Benefit from all features of MySQL Server 8.0
With updated dbForge Tools for MySQL, users can now generate data, compare schema and data diffs, build queries on the latest server version.
2) Enjoy working with the latest MariaDB v10.3
New releases of all dbForge tools for MySQL offer an ability to connect to MariaDB v10.3.
3) Hook up with Tencent Cloud effortlessly
Using upgraded dbForge tools for MySQL, users can connect to Tencent Cloud, a relational database cloud service, and manage MySQL databases in the cloud smoothly.

Got interested? For more goodies about the extended connectivity of upgraded dbForge tools for MySQL, .

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