No, you're not stupid!

Si on July 15, 2019

Trying to start a community to help up-and-coming developers has reminded me of how I felt at the start. There's a reason I only know one spoken ... [Read Full]
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Feels great to see people like you. Bringing positive energy to everyone, especially for the beginners like me. Much appreciated!


Thank you for your comment.

Contrary to what others may think, the development industry is very supportive, you just need to find the right mentor.

If I can help you in any way, feel free to reach out.


Personally I found it helpful in the early stages of learning to program to learn a bit about the process of learning.

When we learn a new skill, we're actually growing new connections in the brain, and that can't be rushed. It's only once those connections have grown that it starts to become second nature. For that reason, doing little and often is a better way to learn than a smaller number of sessions.


Absolutely! Everybody learns differently.

Personally, I could never sit in front of a 2 hour long video and learn. But give me some short articles and some hands-on challenges and I'll learn lots!

That's what I'm trying to achieve with CodeTips.


I've been coding for 20 years now. I get rejected by 22 year old full-stack developers (in interviews) because I don't have enough experience with React (only 2 years!).

I don't feel stupid but I feel we have a problem with those who make decisions nowadays. Because the situation is indeed stupid. Maybe we should be writing to them instead.


Im not saying this isn't a problem, but it's not what this post is about.


Yes, sorry, I wasn't trying to change the subject, just to expand it a little bit. Not only newbies can feel stupid because of what others tell them. I guess my point is that it can happen to everyone, even to seasoned devs. Thanks for your post!

Ah I see, then yes you're absolutely right!

Interviews are stressful for devs of many years, I still get very stressed and go blank in interviews; the only cure for that is practice I suppose.


I think it's important to cultivate your own mentor for this specific purpose. This inner mentor is gentle, patient and kind enough forgive anything. This is something that has to be done actively because we get the opposite for free.

I'm not sure if I would have come to this conclusion if not for the unrelated practice of mindfulness and performing validation on my thoughts. Treating yourself like bunk is not okay beyond the span of maybe two minutes. Minutes, hours or days, one still has to pick themselves up and retry.


After 2 months, I'll be a student of computer and systems engineering. I was so hesitated whether to make this decision or not because alot of wow students, whom I knew before, are going to join the department. Now, I believe it's not about who started first, but it's about who reaches first.
Thanks for these great words.You encouraged me!


It's definitely not about who started first, plenty of good devs didn't start learning until they were in their 30s/40s.

Just keep going and you'll definitely get there.

Let me know if you ever need to ask a question, or a community, to help with your journey.


The site I run is CodeTips and you'll find a slack invite link on our Contact Us page.

Let me know if you have any trouble joining the slack group, or any feedback on CodeTips itself 😊👍


That feeling of 'I'm an idiot' is your brain expanding as it learns something new. Same principle as your muscles hurting as they get stronger when you exercise. Anything worth doing comes with pain and discomfort. Personally I hope to never forget this feeling :-)


Wow, people need to see more of posts like this, thanks man.
It is encouraging, I am a self-taught dev, and a friend of mine believed in me that I can learn something and introduced me to coding and pushed towards coding, while my other friends laughed at when I told them.
For now, I am actively looking for a job and not giving up and they still doubt that I will make it.
It's an additional motivation to push through make a career and tell them how wrong they were :D


Thanks for your comment! I too am a self-taught dev, so it's definitely possible!

If you ever need any help, or just want to join the community I referenced in my post, just let me know. I'm here trying to help as many people as possible.


Learning something new can be exciting - but it takes time, so give yourself time. Think back to something you know now that you had to learn. Now you can teach someone what you had to learn. You are so right about finding someone who can help you and answer your questions - that person was probably in your same shoes. Thanks for being positive.


Learning languages is super hard, I speak two, and really took me forever to learn english. My english really came through immersion. Is important for beginners to differentiate learning a language syntax, and learning how to write code are two different topics.

Conversely if you mix both at the beginning stages it can get overwhelming. So my suggestion is to learn the syntax first, then find a good project you want to do a little bit later. You can certainly learn while doing a project at the same time but it gets more frustrating especially if is your first language ever.

Code through immersion also is a good idea, read code on github of stuff you like and use. Submit a patch, etc. Just keep going, takes break when necessary but anyone can do it!


I agree. It's incredibly frustrating in the beginning when others minimize the skills necessary to make code work.

In addition to when you're starting out, it's very much so learning a vocabulary that has a bunch of action tied to particular words.

For me, I could understand the types of loops without much diffucilty when starting out, but learning how I was specifically supposed to write out that code took a lot longer to be able to do without referencing prior examples.

Keep on providing a welcoming environment to others!


I appreciate your comment, thank you.

Sometimes we forget how things were at the start, and we take our knowledge for granted.

I don't know why, I just fancied writing a bit of a motivational post Haha 😁😁


I hired developers for my customers.

Some people are fit as programming, others don't.


Yes until you reach the technical interview. It's sick to have the role to "wake to the reality" to candidates and show their own reality. Most of the time, I don't do that but the generic "ok, we will call you" (without giving an insight why he or she was kicked out).

Most developers are mediocre and they will be forever, they don't love to program, they don't put passion on it and they only want a salary, and they are not good at it.

Others are simple copy-and-paste monkeys and it doesn't work.

Only a few ones are real programmers. It's true that nobody born programming however, it's a matter of personal capability too.


I've gone to reply to your comment about 10 times, but couldn't quite find a diplomatic way of saying you're full of shit. So here comes the non-diplomatic response.

I truly hope you are not a mentor.

Most developers are mediocre and they will be forever, they don't love to program, they don't put passion on it and they only want a salary, and they are not good at it.

This sort of attitude is disgusting. Anybody can make it as a programmer, with the right dedication and mentorship.

Telling people they don't have it in them, or will never be more than mediocre, is probably why they lose the passion.

Maybe you should try nurturing them and helping them become a better developer.


You are the owner of a business so you must know that. Please remember me when you will fire somebody that it's underperforming. :-)

Now, if you hire somebody that it's underperforming or he or she doesn't fit with the job, then the hiring process requires a fine-tune.

I'm not saying people don't underperform, but you effectively said some people just can't be good at programming whatever they do.

Which is wrong.


Very reassuring. Thanks!

Wanted to add that people who think they're ninja rock star wizards sometimes aren't really what they say. For example, one of my leads told me I shouldn't get any onboarding instructions because "everyone has to suffer". He would belittle me in code reviews then do a force push to the master branch. 😒


That's a disgusting way to treat people. He wasn't a true lead, he just wanted to feel the power.

Trust me that those types of people should just be ignored.


Thanks a lot for those words. When I started studying CS I felt like I entered a whole new world. Before that, I only had basic computer skills but I never had anything to do with code. And I've come a long way from that. I had a little help from a friend making my way to a nice coding job. And this very guy helped me a lot gaining the skills I needed for the job and for CS itself. Anyway I know how much it means to have someone by your side that watches over your shoulder, because in the beginning of this all, I wanted to give up a lot of times. So having someone as a mentor that believes in you and that you can call your friend is priceless. I'm glad I see people like you that keep motivating people, even if they don't do well in the beginning. Give them time to gain knowledge and there might be rising a powerful programmer from that. You sir, understood:)


Thanks very much for your comment, I'm truly glad the article is resonating with people.

It got a lot more attention than expected.




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I think you dropped one, here - ❤


when I read this kind of post, i am just keep studying and 'trying to code', great words man. Greetings


Keep on, you're going to become a great dev!


This is such a great post - thanks for being so inspiring!


Thanks for being a reader, if you're learning to be a dev you're going to make it!


Ok. Feel better about yourself now?


I'm only two months into teaching myself JavaScript with React and I feel pretty overwhelmed with my little project seemingly taking forever to complete, so thanks for that!


Learning anything new is going to feel at least a bit overwhelming, but it does get easier.

If you need any support, feel free to reach out :-)


if you are "stupid" just work during 18H all days, just code code and get better :)

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