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Android App Release

Hello all, just wanted to share that I have officially released an app for the Android platform. Cred Container is a utility-based application allowing users to save profiles so they no longer need to remember their credentials. My app uses fingerprint verification (on supported devices) to login, with a configurable PIN acting as a backup password. The app offers basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on user-created profiles, in-app settings to alter user experience, and the ability to share profile information via automatic SMS sending and the device's Contacts app. I also built a custom password generator that takes parameters set by the user to randomly create a password within their specifications.
If you have an Android device, and need a secure location to store credentials, please download my app! Any and all feedback is welcome, and I am currently seeking an iOS developer to help build the companion application - feel free to reach out if you know of someone/would like to work with me.
HUGE shout out to my friend, former teammate, and graphic artist Kevin McCartney for his help in designing all the graphics for the app.
Please check out my GitHub for more information about the app, source code, and contact information:

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